Our Fees

Capital Surge | Crowdfunding Platform

Fees are calculated and deducted from the funds you actually raise - not the goal you set. Our payment processor also charges a processing fee that varies according to your location and currency. Please see Stripe's Terms of Use (https://stripe.com/us/pricing#pricing-details) for more information.

- 3.5% Platform Fee
- 2.5% Platform Fee (for African Agri Council and Africa 1 Business Council Members)

**Third-party credit card fees for USD payout (additional third party fees may apply)**

Transaction Fees: Each contribution your campaign receives is subject to a transaction fee charged by the payment processor. Transaction fees depend on the location of your bank account and the currency in which you raise funds. There may be additional fees charged by the credit card networks and payment processors if contributions are made via a non-local credit card. Please see Stripe's Terms of Use (https://stripe.com/us/pricing#pricing-details) for more information.

Transfer Fee: Transfer fees, or Bank Delivery Fees, are applied each time we send funds to your bank account.

Please note:

- Your bank may charge additional fees such as currency conversion, wire fees, etc. Capital Surge recommends you contact your bank for more information before entering your bank account information on your campaign. Capital Surge is not responsible for fees incurred by the campaigner as a result of a disbursement - including currency conversion, processing fees, or other bank/financial institution fees.

- There are no fees applied to Fixed Funding campaigns that don't meet their goal - all investors, lenders and donors are refunded within 5 business days from the campaign's end date.